SISLEY PARIS Sisley Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate


SISLEY PARIS Sisley Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate



Size: 1.06 oz / 30 ml
Sisley Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate is specifically formulated to address radiance in a global way, bringing out that radiance and even complexion that is essential for youthful looking skin.
Skin surface reflects around 10% of the light it receives. The other 90% directly penetrates the skin and improves its radiance. For maximum light reflection and refraction, skin's surface must be smooth and clear and the stratum corneum must be thin enough to let the light pass through.Sisley Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate contains an unprecedented blend of plants and vitamins (prickly pear flower extract and vitamin A palmitate) optimize skin's receptiveness to light and helps boost cellular renewal.To maintain the "glowing effect" of a young radiant skin, the surface microcirculation must be kept dense and well-structured. A combination of essential oils (lavender, geranium and rosewood) works to restore skin's original "healthy glow" for youthful looking skin.
This concentrate acts on three levels to bring luminosity to the face and d̩colletage while reducing the appearance of dark spots caused by natural and photo-induced aging:

1. Regulate the synthesis of "black" melanin (nasturtium flower, white mulberry and scutellaria extracts).
2. Fight against the aggravating effects of free radicals on melanin production (alkekengi calyx extract).
3. Powerfully soothes, to minimize the impact of inflammatory processes on the stimulation of melanogenesis (white marrubium extract).
The results after just 4 weeks of use are exceptional: the complexion looks more radiant, fresher and more luminous. The intensity of dark spots is visibly reduced, the skin looks even, smooth and resplendent; it looks younger.
Application:Apply morning and night to face, neck and d̩collet̩. For optimum results, avoid sun exposure without protection
Key Ingredients:
  • Alkekengi's Calyx: protects from free radicals
  • Nasturtium: lightens
  • Prickly Pear: boosts cell renewal
  • Rosewood (Oil): stimulates micro-circulation
  • Geranium (Oil) :purifies
  • Lavender (Oil): purifies, soothes
  • White Marrubium: soothes, anti-inflammatory
  • White Mulberry: lightens the complexion, inhibits tyrosinase
  • Scutellaria: inhibits tyrosinase, lightens the complexion
  • Vitamin A: regenerates
This product comes brand new sealed in box.