Clarins Soin Complet Spécial Vergetures (Strech Mark)

Skincare Cream

Clarins Soin Complet Spécial Vergetures (Strech Mark)



SOIN COMPLET Spécial Vergetures by Clarins. A complete anti-stretch treatment made from plant extracts.

A considerable change in weight, a pregnancy or hormonal alterations, for example, during puberty, are mainly responsible for the appearance of stretch marks. This is why Clarins presents this complete treatment, which helps to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and prevent their future appearance.

Over use, the skin improves its elasticity, the collagen fibers are totally protected and the tissues of the skin are restructured to prevent the appearance of future damage.

In addition, it improves the appearance of current stretch marks, attenuating their pink colour until this is unified with the skin tone.

After use, the skin feels total comfortable, soft and free of signs of dryness.

Suitable for all skin types including photosensitive and atopic skin..